like most people nowadays, I have a vast library of mp3s stored on my hard drive. and sometimes I want to enjoy my favorite playlists of songs on something other than my thin-sounding computer speakers. I just want to crank up some of my favorite tunes and shake the walls a bit, you know what I mean? If only I could somehow hook up my computer to my home stereo system, I’d be onto something. and don’t even mention the “audio out” from the computer’s built in sound card, OK? there’s simply too much extraneous noise that comes off the average computer sound card that becomes sorely apparent when played through a decent home audio system. luckily Firestone Audio offers a solution for those that want more from their digital audio library. They have specialized USB interfaces that let audio enthusiasts enjoy listening to their favorite mp3s through their home stereo. Their FUBAR III model is just what I’ve been looking for. It’s an interface for your stereo and it also works as a high-end headphone amp. the FUBAR III has been custom built to convert digital audio into a clear audio signal that can then be sent to your home stereo amplifier. It only takes one quick listen to tell the difference from a noisy sound card compared to the dynamically clean sound coming from one of these Firestone audio converters. It’s a bit sad to see that the general public don’t seem to know any better about playing their music through generic computer speakers. they don’t know what they’re missing. great music deserves better. head on over to for more details.