warm weather for febyes, you’ve probably heard me whine on and on about how we’re missing out on snow this winter. but hey, you won’t hear me complaining about near 70 degree temps like we had here over the weekend! you heard right. the 70s. and it’s freakin’ February!!!!???!!

I even took two of our three boys (the oldest was over at a friend’s house) over to our local playground. It was perfect playground weather. oh and get this - they’re predicting mid-70 temps for tuesday and wednesday! so get out your shorts and flip-flops, people!!

Song of the Day: Warm

..There is no use in disguising as if we hadn’t been warned
The frigid waters are rising, there’s no escape from a storm
So please keep me warm…

-Warm by the New Cars

here’s more from my cameraphone:
perfect playground weather in february
phonecam - playground weather