- the mild temperature this past weekend left me with no excuses but to go outside and work in the yard. the wife also got me to put up some of the shutters we repainted a couple weeks ago. hhmmm, a productive weekend? what a novel idea!

- great, my daily coffee habit has turned my teeth a lovely orange-y brown. crest white strips here I come…

- as the kids get older, the family schedule gets a bit more hectic each and every year. I’ve been looking into several “web 2.0″ online calendars to help keep the wife and I up to date on our tasks, appointments, etc. after looking through remember the milk, google calendar and plaxo I think I’m going to go with 30Boxes.com. but I’m open to any other suggestions. let me know.

- watched The Amateurs over the weekend. It has a great premise and with the talented ensemble cast I thought it’d be enjoyable but the lame script made the film sink like a stone. thumbs down.

- I recently added EntreCard to this blog. It’s a great way to “network” with other bloggers. let me know if you’re on EntreCard so that we can exchange ads.

- we recently decided on a “traditional calendar” middle school for our oldest son to attend in the fall even though our middle child will still be under the year round calendar. ugh. not sure how we’re going to handle all the conflicting school breaks. yup, it’s going to be complicated.

Song of the Day: A Complicated Song by Weird Al

I had so much on my mind I thought maybe I’d unwind
Try out that new roller coaster ride and the guide
Said not to stand but that’s a demand that I couldn’t meet
I got on my feet and stood up instead
And knocked off my head, you see, tell me
Why’d I have to go and get myself decapitated?