the wife and I had a chance to watch one of the better korean dramas out on DVD called My Lovely Sam-Soon. It’s tough choosing a korean drama to invest your time and money in when there are so many to choose from. the major korean television networks are all cranking them out like they’re mass produced on an assembly line. so what we end up having to do is sift through a lot of badly written soaps that are plagued with melodramatic cliches to find a handful of unique gems. like this one, My Lovely Sam-Soon AKA My Name is Kim Sam Soon. the striking thing about this drama is the well written dialogue along with a strong female lead that’s not your typical korean “plastic-y” beauty. Kim Sam Soon is a slightly overweight 29 year old single girl with no college degree and a troubled love life. She’s basicially a korean version of Bridget Jones. Kim Seon-Ah is terrific in the role and expertly balances the obnoxious tendency of her character with the lovable side. Like most korean dramas, the story sort of drags toward the end of the series but it’s forgivable since the characters are all so well developed. just watch the top-notch opening episode and I guarantee that you’ll be hooked.
kim sam soon

check out the hilarious Karaoke scene.