As the years roll by, I’ve been taking a more active role in maintaining my youthful looks. yes, as a “guy” it’s a hard thing to admit but it’s true. In a society where people are so quick to judge you on your appearances alone, we all need to make an effort to at least look decent. Things were a lot easier back when we were all younger but now, as I ease into middle-age, I’ve noticed that it takes more time to keep myself from looking *ahem* “middle-aged”. a lot of it centers around Skin care. wrinkles, dryness and lack of skin elasticity are all inevitable but there are some great products out there that can keep these tell-tale aging signs at bay.
the wife and I have recently been tuning in to the online radio show called Skin Health Today available over at World Talk Radio. Radio host Celeste Hilling along with various skin care experts share tips, advice and the latest info on keeping your skin radiant, vibrant and healthy. one thing that I recently learned is how your diet is intricately tied into how your skin looks. so even with all the creams and expensive lotions, all would be for naught if you regularly eat junk food.
be sure to head on over to for the weekly radio show schedule as well as helpful skin care tips and the opportunity to sign up for their email list.