- last night’s episode (”the Constant”) of Lost was absolutely brilliant. the time-traveling and the ending conversation between Penny and Desmond were very well done. probably the best Lost episode so far this season. One question though: How did “1996 Desmond” know what “Dan at Oxford” looked like in order to find him on campus? the ‘96 Desmond didn’t meet Dan yet, right?

- we recently watched Gone Baby Gone on DVD. The movie raises some interesting points especially about the gray areas between what’s morally right and wrong. and who’s to say what’s better for a child - a life with an uncaring mother or a privileged life with some strangers who would give her the attention that she needs? I still don’t like the fact that Ben Affleck directed the flick but the riveting story overshadows that negative aspect of the movie.

- there are some rumors that my all time favorite musician - Todd Rundgren might be touring the southeast in April after his stint in Japan. it’s unconfirmed but there’s a date in Greenville, SC at the HandleBar which I could probably make but I’m crossing my fingers for an even closer show. please, oh please, oh please.

- speaking of Rundgren, he was on american idol last night. OK, OK, not the man but his song I Saw the Light was covered during the group medley. check out the clip on youtube if you don’t believe me.

- ha! I just noticed a funny search term that was used to get to my blog: diarrhea real liquidy. glad to know that google thinks this blog is worthy of a top ten placement for that particular set of search terms. :P if you want to read the old entry that contains those search terms, here ya go.

- we all know about flipping a house. but have you heard of flipping a blog? selling your domain/blog for profit? hhmmmmm, I wonder how much this old blog is worth…. :P ummm, ten cents, maybe?

- song of the day: Wrap Me In Your Arms by Lisa Gungor

Have a great weekend!