an old friend of mine that I worked with years ago recently let me know that he was moving to Houston. Apparently he has been out of work for the past year and had to settle for something out in Texas. He really doesn’t want to move away and still hopes that this will only be a temporary setup until he can find something more permanent back here. He was a bit concerned about finding some affordable apartments for rent near his new job but ended up finding something quickly and easily using the online service called the Apartment Finder. the site provides detailed information on available apartments with photos, square footage info, list of features, amenities and even detailed floorplans. With the help of the website, he didn’t have to make multiple trips out there to visit all the long list of Houston Apartments that were available for rent. He simply narrowed the search down to a handful of favorites online and then made arrangements to see them all during his trip out there. It definitely saved my friend time and money. He’s planning on moving out there later this month. He’s still pretty reluctant but at least finding a place to stay wasn’t as hard as finding himself a job.