DLee-oystersman, I haven’t been to our local oyster bar in *so* long. But a couple of our friends have invited the wife and I to go sometime real soon. I’m pretty excited. it’s such an “event” when we go out with other adults and not have to constantly worry about telling our lil’ kids to sit down and be quiet. plus, the oyster bar downtown is a fabulous place with tasty food and stellar service. and whenever you go to an oyster bar, you just HAVE to get some fresh raw oysters on the half shell. I mean, why go to an oyster bar if you’re not going to order any, right? there’s just nothing else like the complex taste and texture of nice, fresh raw oysters. yum. but of course there are some risks involved. especially for folks with liver disease, diabetes or a weakened immune system. there’s a certain type of bacteria that reside in oysters harvested from warm seawater like Gulf oysters. depending on the individual, symptom can range from mild stomach/digestive problems to severe pain and even death! but those that may be “at-risk” can still enjoy oysters, just not raw. oysters can still be enjoyed in stews or steamed or one of my favorites, cajun fried. writing about this has already got my mouth watering. oysters are truly one of the gems of the sea. it’s just important to be an informed consumer of oysters. read more about oysters and the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria over at beOysterAware.com.