Most adults may take the night sky for granted but for lil’ kids, seeing the stars and the grand vastness of space are simple pleasures that can do wonders for young minds. kids today tend to be so fixated on video games, television and the internet that the wonders of the constellations get lost in the daily mix. and also, with families living near brightly lit areas, viewing the glories of the night sky can get a bit difficult. with all this light pollution hindering the appreciation of the night sky, the folks behind the annual Dark Sky Festival intend to spread the word about the negative effects of artificial lighting and inform residents to turn their eyes skyward and view the splendor of the heavens. The 5th Annual Dark Sky Festival will be held on Saturday, April 5, 2008 in Harmony, Florida. 3,500 people are expected to gather for the event to partake in great food, music and interact with experts on astronomy, nocturnal animals and the effects of light pollution. the evening’s main event will be a free concert by Motown recording artists, Rare Earth who will be performing their hits “Get Ready” and “I Just Want to Celebrate”. So got out and celebrate in the dark of night!! if you want to find out more please be sure to head on over to