I enjoy a bottle of red wine every once in a while. it goes especially well with a nice, thick steak. yum. plus, it has been said that red wine is good for your health and can even prevent heart disease. but the truth is that one would have to drink 1000 bottles of red wine a day to actually receive any benefit from it. now I like red wine and all but 1000 bottles of it would probably be a little over my limit, sad to say. thankfully researchers have discovered that the active ingredient in red wine that affects the body in positive ways is something called resveratrol. as a matter of fact, Barbara Walters will be doing a feature on resveratrol during her “Live to 150″ special airing on ABC this tuesday night. she’ll be interviewing Dr. David Sinclair who has conducted extensives studies on this substance. research has shown that benefits of resveratrol include the prevention of cancer, the lowering of cholesterol and anti-aging effects. I’m sure once the special airs, the website that markets the U.S. Lab Tested Resveratrol will be inundated with visitors searching for this miracle product. turns out, it’s the only site where you can get the formulation of resveratrol that has been tested by Biomol for SIRT1 gene activation. and the SIRT1 gene is reportedly the key to increasing the lifespan of cells which in theory will increase one’s own lifespan. it’s a very interesting theory and I for one will be watching Barbara Walters’ television special tomorrow night for more details.