I find myself complaining and whining from time to time about my workload and the stress that I’m under but when I think about what the wife has to deal with each and every day, things tend to come back into perspective. I really don’t know how she does it. our three rambunctious boys have the ability to reduce the average man to tears in under 60 minutes flat. don’t get me wrong, they’re smart, sweet and funny kids but like most brothers, they’ll fight and bicker with one another to no end. the sound that they can create among themselves can drive you insane. so going to work can be a sort of “sanctuary” for me at times. I can actually hear myself think and be productive which rarely can be done with all the chaos at home. but I have to hand it to the kids’ mom. she keeps the household under control and is essentially the heartbeat of the family. we (especially me!) can’t function without her. through the years the kids and I have realized this and as mother’s day fast approaches, we’re trying to plan the perfect day for her. the day will begin with me and the boys preparing breakfast in bed for “mom”. the cooking and cleaning will be covered by us for the rest of the day. and since she rarely gets time for herself, we’re thinking of sending her to a day spa where she’ll get her hair done along with a facial, manicure, pedicure and a relaxing massage. I’m also going to help the kids enter the “Celebrate Mom For Who She is Contest” over at 1800Flowers where they’re offering over $30,000 in prizes. all the kids have to do is tell all about their mom and send along photos and/or videos with their story before the april 20th deadline. a panel of judges will pick finalists that will then be open for final public voting. grand prize winners will then be announced May 9th. it would be so great if the kids could win their mom a trip to a resort out in California or that $1000 bluefly gift certificate. whatever the case, hopefully she knows that she is loved. :)