over the last few years, the number of blogs have exploded. you can probably say that everyone and their grandma has a blog of some sort somewhere on the net. and it’s understandable. with free blog hosts like blogspot, wordpress and vox, it’s so simple for just about anybody to create a blog. and yes, starting up a blog is a piece of cake but the test for all bloggers is to be able to stay at it and write quality posts consistently over a sustained period of time. not only that but you also need to have the ability to attract readers/visitors and then somehow keep them coming back for more. it’s a lot harder than it looks. and with millions of blogs all over the world wide web, keeping a substantial number of readers interested in your own blog is very challenging. there are a lot of ways and methods to reach out to your regular readers and I’m not going to take the time to go through them all. but there is one tried and true method that I’ve seen used by a lot of bloggers lately. it’s the email newsletter. major bloggers like stereogum and blogging mix all maintain email lists and send out newsletters on a regular basis. for the most part, the newsletters highlight the best posts from the past week and some even include exclusive content to increase the value of the newsletters. but the main objective is the same in all cases - it’s to get readers to visit your site again. newsletters can reach people that RSS reeds sometimes can’t. email newsletters go straight into a reader’s inbox and so some may say that newsletters have a better chance of getting read than a RSS feed. whatever the case, an email newsletter option is a great feature to offer your readers. Zookoda is a free service that offers blog owners an easy way to set up and send out email newsletters. with customizable forms and newsletter designs, you can create emails to match the look of your site. and with opt-out/opt-in subscriptions feature, Zookoda maintains your mailing list for you so that you can focus your time on content instead of constantly updating your list of subscribers. it’s a great service for bloggers and I’m definitely planning on using it for my music blog in the near future.
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