cardsdirectnowadays, digital cameras are pretty much a given. everyone has at least one at home. but it’s what you do with them that really matter. anyone can take and post photos of their children. as you can see here on my blog, I’ve posted a whole slew of them over the years. but recently, I’ve been printing up some of my favorite photos as customized Photo Cards. creating a special greeting card with a favorite family photo or an nicely captured moment of your child is a fantastic way to use and express one’s creative side. and I believe it means a lot more to someone when they receive a custom photo greeting card rather than a pre-made card that can simply be purchased at any ol’ drugstore. The other nice touch with customized cards is that you can print out your own personalized message or even the recipient’s name directly on the card. online services like have made it simple for parents and even grandparents to custom design their own unique cards on their website. you no longer have to have a degree in computer science in order to do these things. in fact, we recently made some neat little thank you cards for my son to send out to his family and friends with a great picture of him posing with all the presents he received for his birthday. with, you can be confident in knowing that you are getting the highest quality cards at the best prices. head on over to their website to learn more.