240x180I have an old pair of khaki pants that I love to wear when I want to just relax around the house. It’s one of those loose fit-style pants that have extra room around the legs and such. with the roominess and the non-constrictive feel to them, I simply feel more relaxed just by wearing them. but the problem is that my wife absolutely hates them. she doesn’t like the way they look on me. since they’re pretty baggie on me, she says that the pants make it seem like I have no “rear-end”. I try to reason with her and tell her that I would just where them around the house but she just wants them gone. come on, how does she expect me to lounge around the house without my favorite baggie pants on? there’s no way I can sit back and watch the game in just any regular style pants. it just won’t be the same!! the ironic thing is that she’s the one that got these loose fit pants for me in the first place. I just can’t get rid of my favorite pair of pants! just look at a day in the life of these pants- on a typical saturday, I put these on right before heading off to watch the kids during their early morning soccer game. and then after lunch, it’s all about the yard - mowing, weeding, trimming and raking. and then afterward, I sit back, relax and watch the ball game. these pants and I have spent many a-saturday together. we’ve got history. there’s no way I can part with them! I might have to resort to submitting a video of myself pleading my case to the public at large in the Dockers contest currently being held over at NBC.com. all videos submitted in the contest get voted on by online viewers and the winning video will end up being shown during the June 13th edition of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. can you imagine what my wife’s reaction would be if I got featured in a nationally televised Dockers commercial with my loose fit khakis on? oh, that would absolutely be priceless!
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