Journey tickets!

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legendary rock group Journey will be coming to town in august and ticketmaster had their pre-sale for the Raleigh show today. and as you may have guessed, I just got two tickets. I’m planning on taking my ten year old to the show - his first rock concert. I think it’ll be fun for him. the added bonus is to be able to see and support asian lead singer Arnel Pineda fronting Journey. I don’t know of any other mainstream rock band that features an asian frontman so this will be unique and exciting to see. there has been some great buzz from their initial shows in Chile and Las Vegas so I’m looking forward to the show. I wasn’t that thrilled with the ticket prices (plus all the extra ticketmaster surcharges!!) but what can ya do? I guess they can justify the price b/c this is a packaged tour. yup, Cheap Trick and Heart are also on the bill. boy, my ten year old’s first concert. If I remember correctly, my first concert happened way back in high school when a friend of mine’s dad was the head of security at a local university and he got us free VIP box seats to see none other than… *wait for it* … The Monkees. ha! It makes me laugh just thinking about it. it was their reunion tour back in ‘86 I think and they were packaged with Herman’s Hermits and Gary Puckett. but alas it wasn’t a *true* Monkees reunion since they were missing Mike Nesmith. ahh, memories…

check out Journey (with Arnel Pineda) performing Separate Ways live in Chile:

Journey’s brand new album, Revelation, will be released June 3rd exclusively through Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club.

sending a big NO to charter school

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well, we decided NOT to send our middle child to the brand new charter school next school year. [see my previous post]. He’s going to stay at his current elementary school. there were simply too many unknowns with the new charter school- the school administration, the quality of teachers, the specific amount of time required at the school for each parent etc. plus with no school buses, no gymnasium, no cafeteria and no playground for the students, there are just too many sacrifices required from us and the kids just to obtain smaller class sizes. at this point, we’ll just stick with our overcrowded year-round elementary school for one more year and see what happens..

..I hope we’re making the right decision

get listed

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more soccer pix

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I had a massive headache before taking my lil’ 6 year old out to the soccer field saturday morning. I was thankful the game time wasn’t as early as last week’s but still wasn’t that enthused about standing out on a muddy field with a high probability of being rained on. well, actually I don’t mind the rain so much since being in a year long drought, any sort of rain event is a good thing in my book. just wasn’t in that great of a mood. but as with any father- ya get up every day and do whatcha gotta do FOR the kids.
the boys were outmatched again this week. the rumor shared among the parents on the sidelines was that the opposing team consisted of older kids. oh! the humanity! do I smell a conspiracy here??? :P

Wii want to play!

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wiiwell, guess what. I just purchased a Nintendo Wii. After all my whining and complaining, the video games gods must have felt sorry for me. my lil’ 6 (going on 7) year old will be thrilled about getting this on his b-day next week.

you see.. I ended up finishing early at work today and so I stopped by Target on my way home just for the heck of it. I walked in fully expecting to be disappointed and then I saw them- TWO brand new Wii boxes in the video game display case! I was absolutely in shock. after all this time, I’ve never actually seen a real life Nintendo Wii in stock at a local retailer. I quickly got an employee to grab me one along with a Wii Play/extra controller set before I fainted. man, this definitely made my day.

Happy Friday everyone!! Have a great weekend. :)

IZEA Boards

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One place on the ‘net that I frequent on a daily basis is the IZEA MessageBoards. It’s *the* place to go to find out the latest on all things *IZEA* including PayPerPost, IZEARanks (RealRank), Zookoda and SocialSpark (which is currently in Alpha testing). There’s always a lot going on and sometimes it’s a bit hard to keep up with the latest changes especially when it comes to PayPerPost and SocialSpark. That’s where the Boards are so helpful. The large community of bloggers are always around to answer questions and to offer tips and advice on a variety of topics. and it’s not just about making money on blogs and promoting your own sites and stuff. I’ve personally learned so much about blogging through the boards. there’s a lot more to it than just posting a bunch of ads on a website. the way your blog is organized, the quality of writing, how frequently you write, the topics you write about and the overall look of your blog all work together in building your readership. and without a good readership base, it gets pretty difficult to make any significant amount of money through your blog. so, essentially, I’ve learned how to become a better blogger from visiting the boards here. it’s like taking “blogger 101″ class except it’s through the IZEA Boards. and with the recent upgrade/revamp, the IZEA Boards look a whole lot nicer and runs a bit faster as well. visit the boards and see for yourself what the IZEA community is up to. after one visit, I’m pretty sure you’d want to jump right in and join in on all the fun.
Sponsored by IZEA :

in search of…

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wiican someone explain to me why it is still so hard to find a Nintendo Wii at any of our local retail stores?? Is it some sort of conspiracy? a grand scheme to get me all upset? my middle child would oh so love one for his upcoming birthday but the system is NO WHERE to be found. wonderful. correct me if wrong but wasn’t this lil’ game console release way back in December of *2006*???? well, it’s *2008* people?? why aren’t there boxes and boxes of these things out in the aisles of walmart and best buy???

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