listeners surveyI’m on one of those listener advisory teams for a local radio station. I’m sure some of you have participated in these online surveys before. every couple of weeks you get a list of songs that are currently on rotation and you are supposed to rate each of them by how much you like them (or don’t) and if you’re tired of hearing the song. well going by the overall results from the past few surveys, it seems that my preferences are overruled by countless tin-eared dimwits around here. how many more times can I tell them to STOP playing Rob Thomas, Michael Buble and NickelBack before they’ll listen!??! come on, shouldn’t my vote count a bit more than some of these other idiots! I’ve got taste, damn it! ..oh gaw, no more NickelBack, please. who are these nincompoops voting for NickelBack????

people, throw away those corporate ass-kissers and listen to these genuine artists instead: