you know, aging gracefully is tougher than it seems. why can’t we all look like Jon Bon Jovi at 46? I mean, have you seen the guy lately? the man looks even better now than he did back in the 80’s! why can’t I age like that? middle-age is hitting me like a ton of bricks. there seems to be a ton of physical issues that us men have to deal with during this phase in our lives. our bodies don’t seem to be as strong and flexible as they once were. we certainly can’t eat like we did back in college. and yes, some of us even have to deal with thinning hair. it’s hard enough as it is dealing with our middle-aged bodies but to not be able to join the 80’s hair band revival without doning a full-on wig is simply not right. so it’s good to hear about a recent procerin clinical study that shows that there’s a natural nutritional supplement that can help reduce the loss of hair. yes, old age is inevitable but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look like it.