I hate to tell you all this but last night I witnessed what must have been the lamest chorus program in the history of mankind. you see, our elementary school somehow feels the need to add incentive for the parents to come to the quarterly PTA meetings so they schedule various events to coincide with the meetings like student awards, skits and yes, music from the 4th & 5th grade chorus. Look, I understand the turnout to the PTA meetings wouldn’t be as large without these added presentations but there’s got to be some accountability for the overall content and quality. I have no problem with the PTA meetings themselves but come on, we all got things to do and to prolong the time at these meetings with under-rehearsed, off-key performances just makes things all the more painful. it’s obvious that the problem stems from the music teacher. I’m sure she’s a kind, caring teacher but frankly, she just needs to go ahead and retire. Look, I know there are budget restrainst, limited resources and limited time for the kids to rehearse but there are still things that she could do to make these performances less cringeworthy. first and foremost - time. keep things short and sweet. this teacher does not know how to do this. for some reason, this woman wants to fill up 20 to 30 minutes where 5 minutes would do just fine. if there isn’t enough time to rehearse with these kids, why try to forces them to learn 10 songs? obviously most of these kids didn’t even know half the songs last night. just rehearse TWO songs with these kids over and over again until they get them right. another thing she could do is STOP singing along to prerecorded CDs. singing along to prerecorded music is SO LAME. how is this an actual performance when these kids are singing along to a boombox?? the least she can do is act like a proper music teacher and lead the kids with a piano. from what I gathered, the theme last night was early rock ‘n roll music like “Rock ’round the clock” and “The Twist”. but then, inexplicably toward the end of the long, excruciating program, she had three kids come up and sing “In the End” by Linkin Park!!! WTF!!! and again, they sang along to the Linkin Park CD!??!!! if these three had some semblance of some sort of talent it’d be one thing but they had zilch, nunca, nada and they didn’t even know some of the words for goodness sakes! who’s idea was this and how does this crap song fit in with the 50’s rock ‘n roll theme? someone please explain the logic??? and that’s NOT all!!! afterward, one of the kids that sang (can that even be considered singing?) Linkin Park, continued to hog the spotlight by playing the drums along with his dad on guitar (who looked like a Grateful Dead tribute band wannabe) and his dad’s friend on keyboards for a rousing rendition (NOT) of …wait for itCarry On Wayward Son. AGAIN, what on earth did we (the parents) do that was so bad that we have to sit there and endure such lousy renditions of moldy oldies??? the Kansas cover really put this over the top. it was wrong on so many levels. what’s the relevance of performing “Carry On Wayward Son”??? is there some sort of link to the 50’s theme that I’m missing here? and isn’t showcasing this one kid’s lack of talent a bit one-sided and inappropriate for this particular forum? Now, if the rest of the chorus had been incorporated into the epic 10-minute performance of “Carry On Wayward Son”, I would have given the music teacher some slack but the kids in the chorus weren’t involved and so the inclusion of “Carry On Wayward Son” really didn’t make any sense to me. can someone please talk some sense into this woman? am I the only parent that thinks these overlong chorus performances are a huge waste of time? Do I have to resort to getting myself elected onto the PTA board in order to save ourselves from future crappy chorus programs? oh the horror. oh the humanity. oh my ears.