Banner1you know, I don’t think father’s get enough credit sometimes. “mother’s day” seems to always overshadow “father’s day” in terms of media buzz and overall attention. yes, mothers are an extremely vital part of a family unit but dads seem to always get the short end of the stick. well, I don’t know about you but I’m determined to make this Father’s Day a special one for my dad. I’m not sure if he really knows how important he has been in my life especially since us “guys” really don’t express ourselves verbally all that well. for us “men”, it’s all about action, or something physical and real rather than “feelings” or “emotions”. so, to express my respect and gratitude, I’ll be getting my dad an HDTV. It’s a great present nowadays since the whole nation will be converting over to HD only broadcasts by the beginning of 2009. even Charter Communications has gotten into the act with their very own Father’s Day in HD contest. for those special fathers in the Charter cable service area, their children can enter the special contest for a chance to win their dad the nation’s biggest HDTV along with FREE Charter HD service and The Charter Bundle for life. that’s an awesome prize for ONE awesome dad. all you have to do to enter is write a convincing essay that explains why you think your dad deserves the 65″ LCD Flat Panel 1080p HDTV. all entries must be received by June 6th to be considered for the contest. besides the big winner, four lucky runners-up will receive Charter’s Biggest Bundle and Charter’s HD service FREE for one year. yeah, I know, every dad is special and deserves a big HDTV so why not go ahead and enter your dad in the contest and win him something special for Father’s Day?
Sponsored by Charter Communications