as gas prices continue to skyrocket with no relief in sight, truck and SUV owners are desperate to find ways to save fuel. current owners of larger vehicles don’t seem to have the option of getting rid of their gas-guzzlers since dealerships won’t accept them as trade-ins and the general car buying public are all pretty much looking to downsize. so truck and SUV owners will have to make do with what they got, essentially. one simple way for truck owners to improve fuel economy is to get a tonneau cover for the bed of their pick-up. a tonneau cover can help reduce aerodynamic drag and improve gas mileage by as much as 10%. and a great place to purchase truck accessories like truck bed covers is Agri-Cover, Inc. they have a great selection of products ranging from truck snow plows, dump truck tarps, roll up covers to tailgate seals. Agri-Cover, Inc prides itself on getting their customers the best U.S. made products for their truck or agricultural equipment at the best prices.