With a family that includes three kids and countless relatives living within driving range, we find ourselves always in need of printed invitations. there are birthday parties, anniversaries to celebrate, family cookouts, get togethers during the holidays and of course family reunions to organize. I’ve recently been looking at VistaPrint to print all future invitations for me. they’re widely known for their business card printing service but folks may not realize that they also provide custom labels, personalized greeting cards, promotional items, custom stamps and notepads. They’re pretty versatile in what they can do for their customers. and with the convenience of the internet, you can customize your item online quickly and easily. I like the variety of paper types, colors and designs that are available in putting together a party invitation for example. and the cool thing about VistaPrint is the fact that they also allow you to upload your very own design to use in printing your personalized item. so you no longer need to stick to a pre-designed template and express yourself in a truly original way. be sure to browse their site for some great ideas. I’m also thinking of getting some colorful sticky notes with my handsome face pre-printed on them. heh. nice one, eh?