well, the lil’ man is 11 yrs. old today. each and every year I ask the same thing: where, oh where has the time gone???

since his birthday fell on a school night this year, we celebrated his birthday over the weekend. he and his best friend went to the movies to watch Speed Racer. we then had a fabulous cookout with the relatives. again, we had perfect weather over the weekend. for the cookout we had grilled chicken, salmon, kabobs, an assortment of tasty side dishes courtesy of the grandparents and aunt kim and of course a delicious birthday cake. the birthday boy came away with some video games, lots of clothes (for his ever growing body) and a new Nintendo DS of his very own. now, we’ve been holding off on getting a DS for the longest time. since we already have TWO Game Boy Advances PLUS a gamecube and a nintendo Wii, we REALLY didn’t want to continue throwing any more money at nintendo. it just didn’t seem right, you know? .. but somehow the boy convinced his grandparents he HAD to have a DS and so now he’s got another game system that requires the purchase of even more games. ugh. it never ends!!
the birthday boy turns 11
oh, I almost forgot. I also gave him the tickets I purchased a while back for the upcoming Journey/Cheap Trick/Heart concert in august. I don’t think he’s all that thrilled about going to the concert at this point but maybe, just maybe this’ll be a nice introduction to the wonderous world of rock music. :)

maybe my son needs a good talking to from Mr. Jack Black?