in this edition of DLee’s freebie saturday - free subscriptions!!

LowPriceSubs are offering free subscriptions to either Bassmaster Magazine or Vibe.
click here to see the offer
note: it has been reported that the offer changes every so often depending on demand so you may encounter a different set of magazines than the ones I just mentioned. so as always, your mileage may vary! (YMMV)

RewardsGold is offering a free sub to TV guide.
click here to go to RewardsGold
This offer comes and goes quickly so be sure to sign up as fast as you can because it’s not going to last that long. good luck!

oh, and this just in - free 2 year subscription to ReadyMade:
ReadyMade is a sassy, mod, do-it-yourself magazine for people who like to make stuff, and see the flicker of invention in everyday objects. This bi-monthly publication puts contemporary style on par with affordability. Each issue entertains with its sharp-witted and offbeat tone while offering a practical assortment of homegrown projects for home d├ęcor and outdoor living.
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