taking what they’ve learned from payperpost, IZEA has put a different spin on paid blogging with SocialSpark. I’m a long time payperpost member and have been on SocialSpark since the beginning of april. now I have to say that initially I was pretty impressed with the whole “web 2.0 look and feel” of the site but since it’s in BETA, there’s still lots of tweaking to do. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. SocialSpark is essentially a social networking site for bloggers and advertisers. on one end, bloggers use the site to find paid opportunities. on the other end, advertisers can learn more about the bloggers that post about their products and target specific types of bloggers if they so desire. it’s a rethinking of the payperpost model with more transparency on the blogs that take these opportunities as well as who the advertisers are. every member of the site has their own profile which displays pertinent information including blogs, stats and demographics. you can even find mine under the blogger ID - Daniel. be sure to give me “props” because we socialspark bloggers just love getting props!
my profile on socialspark
other features that are unique to the site include blog sponsorships, dynamic pricing and the ability to “request a slot” if an opportunity is full. even though the site is indeed impressive with appealing graphics and features galore, socialspark is still a work in progress and isn’t as perfect as it looks. I personally haven’t taken all that many opportunities through the site in the past couple months. I’m sure dynamic pricing is a great feature for advertisers but for bloggers, it’s a pain in the neck because if you’re not lucky enough to be online when a new opportunity goes live, you won’t get a good price on the post. essentially, as the number of bloggers that take a particular opportunity increases, the price of the opp goes down. so most of the opps fall to a lowly $5.50 within an hour or so of their initial appearance online. and when an advertiser requires a minimum of 250 words in a post, $5.50 isn’t that enticing in most cases. the good thing is that IZEA is continually tweaking and taking feedback from both advertisers and bloggers during this BETA phase so things can only improve at this point. find out more about IZEA and SocialSpark by going to socialspark.com.

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