ugh. local temps broke over 100 this past weekend. and our two central-A/C units cooling our home are just struggling to keep up. we’ve been told by our A/C service techs that both units need to be replaced. it’s really hard to discern if the diagnosis is actually driven by their sales department or if it is indeed true that the units can’t be fixed and really need replacing. we’ve been getting price quotes from various HVAC installation companies the last couple weeks. it appears that replacing both units will run around $10k to $16k. I’m not really keen on spending that kind of money at this particular moment so we’re planning on scheduling another evaluation to see if there’s a way to actually FIX the units instead of outright replacing them.
with the extremely hot temps lately, it seems the HVAC service guys are getting calls left and right. the guy that came by our house friday to give us an estimate told us that he has been all over the state this past week. he looked beat. in fact, after spending time looking over the blower and condenser in our attic, he almost fainted from the heat. poor guy. unfortunately the heat didn’t influence his price quote in our favor.