sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. project deadlines, unpaid bills, family squabbles and the neverending to-do list at home can all come crashing down on you all at once. stress filled times like these are essentially out of your hands and all you can do is weather the storm. I recently got through a stressful spell at work with looming deadlines as well as a presentation to prepare for. I used to strive under pressure in my younger days but now that I’m older, I don’t seem to be that well equipped anymore. just ask my wife and kids about how I handle stress. It’s unfortunate but I tend to allow the stress from work affect how I behave at home. I get all short with the kids and you can forget having a decent conversation with me because my mind is preoccupied with work. well, I recently came across a product that’s perfect for me during these times of stress. It’s called AbsoluteCalm and it’s an all natural stress reliever made from magnolia extracts. magnolia extracts contain honokiol which has been shown in studies to alleviate stress and calm nerves without any negative side effects. so the product is perfect for when you need to calm down and relax but still need to be alert, focused and clear minded to continue on working. to find out more about AbsoluteCalm be sure to head on over to their website -