ugh. our office smells like smoke right now. and man, you should see the smoky haze outside. apparently shifting winds have pushed into our area dense smoke originating from the ongoing wildfires in the eastern part of our state. the smoke-filled air is giving us a taste of what those folks on the coast are dealing with. smelling all this stuff here inside the office sure doesn’t give me any confidence on our air filtering system.

smoke from the wildfires
Here’s the local news article about the smoke:Smoky air prompts Code Red Warning:

Raleigh, N.C. — Smoke drifting west from a slowly spreading wildfire in eastern North Carolina has led state regulators to upgrade their warning against outdoor activity in the Triangle.
The state Division of Air Quality issued a Code Red warning for the region Thursday afternoon that is expected to remain in effect through Friday.
WRAL meteorologist Chris Thompson said light winds overnight will allow the smoke to sit over the Triangle overnight, so the effects of the smoke will be worse Friday morning. Winds form the southeast could help move the smoke out of the area later in the day, he said.
Regulators initially issued a Code Orange alert for the region Thursday, but the smoky haze has been worse that expected, prompting an upgrade in the air-quality alert, officials said.
Under a Code Red alert, people are urged to avoid outdoor activities. The warning applies especially to children, the elderly and anyone with a respiratory problem, officials said.
WRAL viewers said smoke was creating haze and a smoky smell from Henderson to Chapel Hill to Johnston County.
Lightning sparked a fire June 1 in the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and has since burned more than 40,000 acres – about 63 square miles – in Hyde, Tyrrell and Washington counties.
Prevailing winds had carried smoke from the fire over the Outer Banks for the past week before a low-pressure front moved across the state late Tuesday, shifting winds back to the west and carrying the smoke to the Triangle.