back in the day, credit cards were pretty difficult to get a hold of. they were mainly for the wealthy and well to-do. boy, talk about change - nowadays, everyone and their grandmother carry around a variety of cards from all the major providers. Visa, mastercard, american express, discover card, you name it - most folks have carry around at least two of those in their wallets. with more and more lenders seeking to expand their reach, even folks with blemished credit history can still get approved for a new card. but with all these open lines of credit around, it’s always prudent to regularly check over all your credit statements as well as the annual credit reports from the three major credit bureaus. even if you’re careful with your account information, shred all your documents before they hit the trash and pay all your bills on time, inadvertent errors by the credit bureaus can affect your credit ratings without you knowing it. So do yourself a favor to set up a regular calendar reminder to review your credit report from one of the credit bureaus every four months. in this day and age, some may take credit for granted but in reality, this is serious business and something that should not be taken lightly.

Press Release:
Usually people use their credit cards for making purchases all over the world. But it can be used at ATM’s for cash advances as well.
A cash advance is when you borrow off of your credit in order to get cash. Normally, people paying with their credit card don’t come in contact with cash at all.
It goes like this - you come into store, choose an item and pay for it using your credit card. Easy.
However, you have an opportunity to use your credit card to access cash just by going to the nearest ATM machine and by punching your PIN number in.
But there are some disadvantages when it comes to cash advance credit cards .
Credit card companies charge for this form of exchanging credit, because they realize that it’s very convenient. The detailes on cash advances deal can be very tricky, so make sure you read all the terms and conditions of the deal carefully.
You have to be wise and prepared for hidden rocks when you decide to apply for any kind of credit card. Credit card can be your best friend if you are responsible and educated user.
Make your credit card work for you. Study, search and compare to get an access to the best deals and benefits you can enjoy.