that’s a whole lotta parts just to pour some water, son.
had some fun working with the 11 year old putting the finishing touches on his “simple machines” project. It was great trying to come up with the various parts from what we had around the house. most of what my son used were legos, wooden train tracks and random bionicle parts.
here’s what he ended up with :
pulley system - some old shoe string that is wrapped around an old tape spool which is attached to a lego tower. the shoe string is attached to a wedge that is raised to hit a toy car on top of an inclined plane
the wheel and axle component - is a toy car
the inclined plane - “Thomas the tank Engine” railroad tracks set up on an incline which the toy car rolls down to hit an “S” shaped lego blocks that knocks down a straight piece of wooden track
lever - the wooden track hits a see-saw like lever which then hits a water filled bottle (an old target prescription bottle) that pours the water into a wide plastic container.

a bit too complex to be called simple, don’tcha think?