as an asian american, I’m very disappointed in ABC and the group of producers for creating a show like I Survived a Japanese Game Show. I watched the premiere episode last night and was appalled to see that the producers had resorted to cheap racist humor in the show. the show is essentially perpetuating asian stereotypes.

here’s the setup for those that haven’t seen the show (and you should be thankful for not having seen it) -
the show is basically a “mashup” of a reality show and a japanese game show. they brought over a group of Americans (a la Survivor) to Japan to participate in a “mock-japanese style game show”. the show is formatted like a reality show so the viewer gets to see everything from the participants point of view.

ABC’s offensive japanese game show

what’s offensive is that the whole show revolves around the premise that japanese people are strange..
- you’ve got the loud japanese game show host with a “funny” japanese accent.
- you’ve got the room full of “crazed” japanese audience members making a huge racket by beating on percussion instruments.
- in one segment last night they made contestants pull a rickshaw through town (you know, that oh-so-asian-ish mode of transportation!).
- and the icing on the cake - a round, short, middle-aged lady (who I guess is the house-nanny on the show) is called .. *wait-for-it* .. “mama-san”. ugh.

oh and and the producers made sure to cast japanese actors who all have those stereotypical asian accents. yeah, the show creators are real geniuses aren’t they? um, not. racists are what they are! you know, I expected more from a major television network like ABC. I thought for sure one of those network executives at the Disney “It’s a Small World” - owned company would have some common sense and not let this offensive, racist game show on the air.