5238dd240x180publicsaturday mornings here in the Lee household are usually reserved for cleaning. and like most families with young kids, the house is always in need of some sort of cleaning no matter how often you vacuum or dust. our little ones are like mini-tornados, scattering toys, books, fingerprints and food crumbs all around as they move from room to room. recently our trusty old vacuum broke down so I’ve been checking out the latest in vacuums. the new Dirt Devil AccuCharge Stick Vac seems to be a great new product. not only is it cordless, it’s lightweight, sleek and is the first cordless vacuum to earn Energy Star approval. that’s right, you can make Al Gore proud by using 70% less energy with this vacuum. and with the AccuCharge system you can rest assure in knowing that you’ll have enough power to get the job done no matter how tough plus charging up the vacuum is now twice as fast compared to other models. this would definitely work in our household especially for the hard to reach spots and with the vacuum being cordless, I can tackle the stairs with no problems. lugging around our old behemoth of a vacuum up those stairs definitely took more of my energy than it was worth, that’s for sure. ugh. for more info, head on over to DirtDevil.com.
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