a scene from wall-e
took my two younger boys to see WALL-E over the weekend. apparently so did millions of others. the movie earned over 62 million dollars at the box office. the movie had a very interesting premise where future earth is a toxic wasteland and the surviving population is off on a cruiseliner in space. Pixar’s take on rampant consumerism in our country is very poignant and I applaud them for planting a message in the young minds of today. but as the story ends with the overweight blob-like passengers of the cruiseliner returning to earth, I’m left to wonder if these people would even know how to begin life back on this planet. their whole life was spent on a cruise ship being waited on hand and foot by robots. my guess is that the majority of the passengers would soon realize the magnitude of the work involved in starting fresh on earth and just simply re-board the Axiom and head back out to space. oh, and an interesting thing to note here is the irony in the fact that the movie is being distributed by Disney, a corporation that heavily relies on consumers to spend as much as they can at their theme parks and on their vast array of merchandise. anyway, my lil’ kids give this movie a hearty thumbs-up!