Never Forever

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I’m a bit torn on how I feel about the movie Never Forever which features Vera Farmiga portraying a wealthy housewife married to a korean-american. Farmiga’s Sophie is a lost soul desperately wanting to make things right with her husband and his family by bearing a child for them. She hits rock bottom when she offers another korean man (Jung-Woo Ha) money to help her get pregnant. But at “rock-bottom” is where Sophie finds herself and in the end we see her re-born and re-newed. Director Gina Kim had a difficult time keeping this movie from feeling too much like a “Lifetime for Women - Movie of the Week”. In some parts especially early on, it did indeed feel like a cliche-ridden made-for-TV-movie. But in time the dynamics between Farmiga’s Sophie and Ha’s Jihah began to bring the movie up a notch or two. The director’s inexperience was apparent and several scenes felt a bit too clunky. and although I enjoyed the korean aspects that were portrayed in the movie, the korean actors (excluding Jung-Woo Ha) were horrible and definitely made the flick seem amateurish. But again, both Farmiga and Ha were spectacular in their roles. If only they had a better supporting cast and a more seasoned director.
Never Forever

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t-shirt printing

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I was recently at a nearby amusement park with my kids and I noticed a large group wearing bright green custom printed T-shirts. I thought that was a great way to keep a large group together at a crowded public setting. Not only can you quickly and easily spot another member of your group in a crowd, you also get to promote your organization or business to passerbys with the custom printed T-shirts. We’ve all been at the park where we have to stand in long lines for the latest ride. With a flashy T-shirt design, it’s pretty easy to capture the attention of others waiting in line with you. It’s basic marketing strategy but it’s very effective. I know, if I had to take a group of kids out on a trip, custom T-shirts would most definitely be on my list of things to bring. You know with online services like VistaPrint, it’s now so much easier to market and promote your own brand. The power and flexibility to do things online opens up unlimited opportunities to be creative and productive. Custom t-shirt printing is only one of a whole slew of services VistaPrint can provide for you. From Car Door Magnets to full color posters, VistaPrint offers a variety of options to get your brand name out there. By the way, you can use coupon code: TShirts25 to save 25% off your purchase of printed T-Shirts at VistaPrint.

foiled again by VEOH

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A couple weeks ago the staff at VEOH decided to delete the accounts of some of the major kdrama uploaders on their site. This definitely put a damper on our weekly kdrama viewing. There aren’t any comparable alternatives online. VEOH made things SO convenient since you could simply stream a full hour episode without having to worry about downloading files and such. plus the kdrama fans on VEOH were pretty consistent in uploading current episodes immediately after being aired in korea. Since then, we’ve encountered various kdrama blogs that offer downloads of current dramas but nothing as convenient as the streaming feature on VEOH.

any kdrama fans out there know of some other good online sites?

In the past few weeks, we have been noticing though that some dramas are still surviving on VEOH but I believe it’s b/c the english titles of the dramas were translated a bit weird. ..or maybe on purpose, in order to avoid detection. I’m not exactly sure… and maybe that’s the way to go about it. Just name these dramas in a special code or something…

restaurant makeover

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A couple weekends ago, I spent a day helping my aunt and uncle remodel their restaurant. They’ve owned and operated it for years but never bothered to update the look of the place. So, in a surprising move, they decided to close for a weekend in order to update the decor a bit. Honestly, their place was overdue for a makeover so I was glad to see them do it. They ordered a lot of the furniture and other decorative items online in advance which made things a bit more convenient for them. They also got a pretty good deal on restaurant chairs through a website called The site has a great selection of chairs, barstools and tables at discount prices. One thing that made things easier in selecting certain styles was their vinyl/finish preview tool which give users a detailed view of any particular piece in question. Oh and delivery was very reasonable too. In fact, the chairs that they ordered from came in about a week or so after purchasing them online. Just in time for the weekend remodeling job. It wasn’t a complete renovation of the place but what was changed and updated made a huge difference.

Beach Hideaway

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we retreated to our secret beach hideaway this past week. It was definitely a refreshing change of pace.


We love going to this particular beach since it’s never that crowded. and we’re hoping it stays that way!!


Take the sky for example, a canvas of a billion suns
But our local hero shines them out by day
Save for the winking of a Venus or Mars

Even the stars sometimes fade to gray
Even the stars hide away

I see the bare moon raise his big, bald head
I see my friends played the fool
I’ll make my own way in the wide world
Just know I don’t want to wander too far

Some will call me all kinds of names
Some will say I don’t play the right kind of game
I try to be honest, try to be kind
And honestly leave when I know that it’s time
I know that it’s time

Hear a phoebe sing his only song, this summer’s day is hovering
I’ll ride my full heart, troubles fly like embers
Out the windows of our traveling car

- Hideaway by The Weepies

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deposit your checks online

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With gas prices at an all time high, getting into your car to do your daily errands isn’t all that appealing anymore. Folks like you and I are all on the hunt to cut back and perform tasks online as an alternative to having to drive and conduct business in person. Online shopping, paying bills and even online banking are now pretty familiar for the average citzen. Online banking is definitely a convenient service to use especially for small business owners and those that need access at all hours of the day. But what do you do with checks and money orders that need depositing? Normally you would still have to go to the bank to get those into your account but there’s a fairly new alternative. With an online service called DepositNow, you can scan those checks and money orders in with a proprietary scanner, and deposit them electronically into your own bank account. This feature is definitely a time and money saver for those that regularly receive checks and money orders that need depositing. It’s pretty straightforward to use and more importantly, all U.S. banks accept this form of transaction. All you need is a PC, an online connection and a DepositNow scanner. The service will definitely pay for itself in no time especially from all the gas you’ll save from not having to go to the bank anymore. Head on over to the DepositNow website for more information and if you’re interested in signing up be sure to use promo code “” to get $25 off the price of the check scanner.
Sponsored by DepositNow!

top droppers

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DLee entrecard
I’ve seen this done on various blogs so I thought I’d give some props to some entrecarders who regularly drop here.
so, here are my top five entrecard droppers in the last 30 days. Thanks guys for continually dropping by my site. I really appreciate it. :)

Beaker’s 3 Dimensions
Living Within Samsara
The BenSpark
Caledonian Comment
Urutora no Hi

I’m still getting a feel on what everyone thinks of Sezwho on the entrecard forums. I still haven’t turned the plugin back on yet. but I’ll let you all know in the next week or so…

2008 Memory Walk

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Years ago I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local nursing home. It was such an eye-opening experience for me: serving meals to the residents there, cleaning after them and participating in activities with them. Spending those hours at the nursing home made me truly realize how fragile life really is, especially after getting to know a couple of patients who were exhibiting early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Most of the time, they were functional and aware of their surroundings but at other times, they were confused and needed assistance on tasks they would normally be able to perform themselves. It’s sobering to learn that 24 million people worldwide are currently living with Alzheimer’s. What’s even more alarming is that the cause of the neurodegenerative disease is still unknown and with top scientists around the world researching this disease, a cure has yet to be found. Research for this disease must continue and the Alzheimer’s Association holds one of the nation’s largest events each year to raise awareness and funding for Alzheimer’s research. The national event is called the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk and will be held in over 600 communities across the country.

Since 1989 the Walk has raised more than $225 million to help the fight against Alzheimer’s. As the disease continues to make its mark upon our elderly, we, more than ever, need to come together and make a stand against this disease. Teams for the walks are currently being organized and NOW is the time for EVERYONE to sign up. There’s a great need for Team Captains so please consider helping out in this capacity. Don’t procrastinate and end up doing nothing. Be proactive and walk for a cure. Yes, organizing a team does take some time so it’s best to start as early as possible. The walk will be held at various times across the nation, so be sure to check the Memory Walk website to find event information for your local area. support the cause and make 2008 a walk to remember!
Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

Sezwho disabled… for now

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well, I had to disable the Sezwho plugin on my blog. at least temporarily. the Sezwho server went down over the weekend and caused any blog (including mine) that had the Sezwho plugin to be unreachable. I’ll probably re-activate the plugin once things over at Sezwho get more stable. oh, it’s all about the “fun”, isn’t it?

so, what do you think?

should I turn Sezwho back ON or not?

..umm, does anyone care at this point?

7 facts

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Thanks for the tag Michael!! In keeping with the title of my blog, I’ll attempt to keep my 7 facts as mundane and humdrum as possible. heh.

Here are the rules:
List these rules on your blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

Here are my 7 facts:

1) spent a good part of my childhood in and around Chicago. I have some great memories growing up there.

2) my best friend John (in the fourth grade) introduced me to the wonderful sounds of The Beatles by making me watch Beatles cartoons on TV after school. I still love the Beatles to this day.

3) My parents forced me to take accordian lessons when I was little. Apparently, accordian music was BIG in the midwest at the time. The experience has scarred me for life.

4) My first job was scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins during my junior year in high school. I’ve never set foot in another Baskin Robbins ever since.

an old corolla5) The job at the ice cream shop allowed me to get my first car at the age of 16. It was an old grey (1977?) Toyota Corolla Liftback. Man, it was an ugly car. with no air conditioning. Not even a stereo!! I promptly got into an accident in the old corolla in a matter of months.

6) I love playing guitar. but as I grow older, I’m finding less and less time to pick up the instrument to play. I was supposed to teach my son to play and as with most things with me, it has fallen by the wayside.

7) I procrastinate like nobody’s business.

As for 7 victims - well, you are all off the hook. it’s friday, go enjoy the weekend instead!! :P
you can thank me later!

change for the better

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In our rapidly changing economy, businesses are realizing that they need to quickly adapt or face being left behind. This is especially true for companies involved online where business evolves at a breakneck pace. Even a marketing company like Red Clay Media had to recently change things up in order to stay ahead of the game. Specializing in direct marketing services, Red Clay Media has helped a large number of companies build effective marketing campaigns over the years. Whether it’s mortgage leads or direct marketing mailing list, Red Clay Media can get targeted customer data for you that’ll help maximize results. and as Brian Rice points out in this company video, Red Clay knows and understands their data better than anyone.

Press Release:
In this Video Brian Rice of Red Clay Media discusses the new Red Clay Media adapting to a changing marketplace. The fundamental strength of Red Clay’s value to customers remains in strong data analytics.
As the economy changes more companies are awakening to the need for this service to help target and focus marketing dollars to improve their return on investment.

Sez Who

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Sez who?
the big announcement entrecard made this week was about their new partnership with sezwho. By partnering with the sezwho service, they’re hoping that entrecarders would end up choosing to comment on the blogs they visit rather than just simply dropping a card. I’m not totally sold on the idea but I signed up anyway. You’ll notice that every comment and every post here on my blog can now be given a rating. So be sure to rate my posts as well as my commenters here. and let’s just see if this will all lead to more comments…

Bills IQ test

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In the current state of our economic climate where major corporations are downsizing and prices of consumer goods continue to soar, it’s probably a good idea to take some time to review your overall financial situation. Are you spending above and beyond what you can afford? Would you be able to take a hit financially if you were to lose your job? Do you need to cut back on extraneous expenses during this economic downturn? These are all simple but important questions to ask yourself while taking personal inventory. One easy way to get a good snapshot of your current financial status is to take the online BillsIQ test. The online questionaire guides you through step by step in figuring out if you’re financially fit or not. It’s quick and painless and best of all, it’s free. I just completed my evaluation and I got a 86% which is a “B”. It’s definitely not the best score but I knew going in that I’ve got more work to do in order to be more financially secure. The Bills IQ test ended up being very helpful, providing money saving tips and suggestions directly related to the choices I made on the test. You can also compare your results with others based on similar demographics. The results gave me clear indicators of my weak areas that need improvement. I also learned that checking our credit reports on a regular basis is an absolute must in this day and age. So, what’s your score? Take the Bills IQ test over at

early in the morning

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early in the morning
With the kids home for summer break, we’re having to make more frequent trips to the Walmart supercenter. the boys are eating us out of house and home, I tell ya!! :P

I *so* dislike the crowds of discount shoppers at these big box retailers. That’s why I make sure to go *early* in the morning to avoid crowded aisles.

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