izea logo - dleeyou know, looking back at all the paid opportunities I’ve had the good fortune of doing here on this blog, the most memorable ones were the ones where I actually received a physical product to review directly from the advertisers. it’s one thing to review websites or post about certain online services but receiving a cool new item to review takes things up a notch in my book. through the IZEA network, which includes services like payperpost and SocialSpark, I’ve received some products ranging from DVDs to something called “instant snow powder” and even a sample of pain relieving gel. it seems that advertisers are finally getting the hang of this whole “blog advertising” thing that IZEA pioneered two years ago. it doesn’t have to simply end with creating opportunities for blog ads on some random blogs. IZEA offers advertisers a variety of ways to do their ad campaigns which include the aforementioned product sampling and even blog sponsorships through SocialSpark. and now that word has gotten around that the folks behind google are absolutely fine with the way SocialSpark handles blog advertising, advertisers no longer need to worry about any types of penalties for using services like SocialSpark. in fact, I’ve seen more and more major brand names joining SocialSpark to utilize the large network of hard working bloggers like myself. some of the name brands I’ve seen recently include Dockers, V05, Dirt Devil and even Reader’s Digest. I’m looking forward to the day BMW uses SocialSpark to send over a brand new 550i sedan for me to test drive and review. hey, a man can dream, right?