I love going to Whole Foods Market. Yes, it’s not the closest or most convenient grocery store in the area but the quality of their produce as well as their superior meat and seafood section, all make the longer trip worth the time. And it’s great to know the company’s mission isn’t all about reaping the biggest profits. From the very start, the company set out to be a good tenant of Mother Earth. They support local organic farmers, the local food banks and strive to educate people to live in a more healthier, more natural way. They even have a blog on their website to help folks live a more healthier lifestyle. And they haven’t stopped there. They now have gotten into the video podcasting realm. It’s all done to enrich the lives of their patrons. This month’s podcast is called “Natural Salon” and features two new natural hair care videos with John Masters, Manhattan’s premiere hair care expert. It’s great to learn more about natural alternatives in haircare as opposed to using harsh chemicals that can ultimately lead to damaged hair. The Whole Foods podcast is an ongoing series so be sure to head on over to their website to subscribe.