Years ago I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local nursing home. It was such an eye-opening experience for me: serving meals to the residents there, cleaning after them and participating in activities with them. Spending those hours at the nursing home made me truly realize how fragile life really is, especially after getting to know a couple of patients who were exhibiting early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Most of the time, they were functional and aware of their surroundings but at other times, they were confused and needed assistance on tasks they would normally be able to perform themselves. It’s sobering to learn that 24 million people worldwide are currently living with Alzheimer’s. What’s even more alarming is that the cause of the neurodegenerative disease is still unknown and with top scientists around the world researching this disease, a cure has yet to be found. Research for this disease must continue and the Alzheimer’s Association holds one of the nation’s largest events each year to raise awareness and funding for Alzheimer’s research. The national event is called the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk and will be held in over 600 communities across the country.

Since 1989 the Walk has raised more than $225 million to help the fight against Alzheimer’s. As the disease continues to make its mark upon our elderly, we, more than ever, need to come together and make a stand against this disease. Teams for the walks are currently being organized and NOW is the time for EVERYONE to sign up. There’s a great need for Team Captains so please consider helping out in this capacity. Don’t procrastinate and end up doing nothing. Be proactive and walk for a cure. Yes, organizing a team does take some time so it’s best to start as early as possible. The walk will be held at various times across the nation, so be sure to check the Memory Walk website to find event information for your local area. support the cause and make 2008 a walk to remember!
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