With gas prices at an all time high, getting into your car to do your daily errands isn’t all that appealing anymore. Folks like you and I are all on the hunt to cut back and perform tasks online as an alternative to having to drive and conduct business in person. Online shopping, paying bills and even online banking are now pretty familiar for the average citzen. Online banking is definitely a convenient service to use especially for small business owners and those that need access at all hours of the day. But what do you do with checks and money orders that need depositing? Normally you would still have to go to the bank to get those into your account but there’s a fairly new alternative. With an online service called DepositNow, you can scan those checks and money orders in with a proprietary scanner, and deposit them electronically into your own bank account. This feature is definitely a time and money saver for those that regularly receive checks and money orders that need depositing. It’s pretty straightforward to use and more importantly, all U.S. banks accept this form of transaction. All you need is a PC, an online connection and a DepositNow scanner. The service will definitely pay for itself in no time especially from all the gas you’ll save from not having to go to the bank anymore. Head on over to the DepositNow website for more information and if you’re interested in signing up be sure to use promo code “DLee.us” to get $25 off the price of the check scanner.
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