A couple weekends ago, I spent a day helping my aunt and uncle remodel their restaurant. They’ve owned and operated it for years but never bothered to update the look of the place. So, in a surprising move, they decided to close for a weekend in order to update the decor a bit. Honestly, their place was overdue for a makeover so I was glad to see them do it. They ordered a lot of the furniture and other decorative items online in advance which made things a bit more convenient for them. They also got a pretty good deal on restaurant chairs through a website called affordableseating.net. The site has a great selection of chairs, barstools and tables at discount prices. One thing that made things easier in selecting certain styles was their vinyl/finish preview tool which give users a detailed view of any particular piece in question. Oh and delivery was very reasonable too. In fact, the chairs that they ordered from affordableseating.net came in about a week or so after purchasing them online. Just in time for the weekend remodeling job. It wasn’t a complete renovation of the place but what was changed and updated made a huge difference.