I’m a bit torn on how I feel about the movie Never Forever which features Vera Farmiga portraying a wealthy housewife married to a korean-american. Farmiga’s Sophie is a lost soul desperately wanting to make things right with her husband and his family by bearing a child for them. She hits rock bottom when she offers another korean man (Jung-Woo Ha) money to help her get pregnant. But at “rock-bottom” is where Sophie finds herself and in the end we see her re-born and re-newed. Director Gina Kim had a difficult time keeping this movie from feeling too much like a “Lifetime for Women - Movie of the Week”. In some parts especially early on, it did indeed feel like a cliche-ridden made-for-TV-movie. But in time the dynamics between Farmiga’s Sophie and Ha’s Jihah began to bring the movie up a notch or two. The director’s inexperience was apparent and several scenes felt a bit too clunky. and although I enjoyed the korean aspects that were portrayed in the movie, the korean actors (excluding Jung-Woo Ha) were horrible and definitely made the flick seem amateurish. But again, both Farmiga and Ha were spectacular in their roles. If only they had a better supporting cast and a more seasoned director.
Never Forever

spoiler alert: don’t read any further if you don’t want to know about the ending…

The ending scene was a bit forced and didn’t flow well from the preceding scene. But I liked what the director was trying to do. It was a bit vague but the key was seeing Sophie’s joy. With the sapphire ring and Sophie playing with her child and also being pregnant again leads me to believe she’s in korea with Jihah. It could have been done better but still, I like the ending.

here’s a youtube video of Director Gina Kim talking about the film: