crocs, the new Birkenstocks. yuck.
reading Steve Tuttle’s follow up on his Croc article in this week’s Newsweek gave me a good laugh. Tuttle ranted a couple weeks ago about how Crocs are a fashion nightmare and that everyone should come to their sense and stop wearing these ugly things. He begged his readers to “Just stop. When you wake up tomorrow and look at your options, choose flip-flops. Go barefoot. Wear boots. Anything but Crocs. By next summer—if we all work together—we can have this plague of bad taste virtually eliminated. Yes! We! Can!” I thought it was hilarious. Especially since I wondered about the unexplained popularity of these plastic ugliness not too long ago. My kids even own some god awful shade of blue Crocs. Yes, they’re convenient to slip on and off in a rush but man, do they have to look like that? They’re like the Birkenstocks of the 2008. ugh. Apparently the article hit a nerve because Tuttle got inundated with emails, not surprisingly from bitter Croc lovers. In his followup, Tuttle was truly grateful for all the fuss - “The good news for me is that all of this angry reading of my awful prose drove up my traffic numbers, which only encourages my editors to let me commit more acts of bad writing. The Crocs story alone got millions of hits, so you haters can look forward to hilarious rants about people talking in public on cell phones and nasty airline food. You have only yourselves to thank.

join the fight against bad taste - ban Crocs where you live! :P

Don’t be a Dorc!