Have I ever told you how much I dislike squirrels? They are an absolute nuisance. They dig up the yard, steal from bird feeders and the reek havoc in the garden. In our previous home, some little flying squirrels found a way into our attic. They eventually made their nest there and started exploring back behind the walls of our house. We would hear them at night through the walls, scratching and clawing their way through the insulation. We ended up getting some Havahart Squirrel traps and placed them in the attic. We baited them with peanut butter and over the next couple of nights we caught three of those lil’ critters. Yes, flying squirrels are cute but I don’t want them living in my house!!! Since Havahart trap is a live trap we drove the squirrels to a nice little park on the other side of town and released them. Thankfully we haven’t had any other home invasions like that but I still have a strong dislike for any squirrels near my vicinity. Recently, I was pleased to learn that Havahart has a new line of squirrel repellent that is available in a variety of forms like pellets, liquid concentrate and spray. the Havahart Critter Ridder is OMRI listed and is certified safe to use in organic gardens. It not only works on keeping away pesky squirrels but cats, dogs, groundhogs, raccoons and skunks as well. Speaking of which, I have noticed that a raccoon has been in our garbage bins again so I may have to get the Critter Ridder spray to prevent that from happening again. So, if you’ve got a critter problem, check out the Havahart website for more information.

I don’t like squirrels!