over the weekend, the wife and I caught an episode of Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals where she featured a less-than-10-item Express Lane meal. In this particular episode Rachel prepared mozzarella stuffed chicken sausage balls in tomato basil sauce, cacio e pepe potatoes and roast broccolini. The meal seemed quick and easy so we decided to try it out. The nine items needed in this recipe include: chicken sausages, baby yukon gold potatoes, can of San Marzano tomatoes, tub of bocconcini, broccolini, garlic, chicken stock, tub of grated pecorino romano cheese and a tub of pesto sauce.

here’s the link to the official food network recipe.

the recipe was very simple and pretty easy to make. But unfortunately the stuffed chicken sausage balls weren’t really a hit with the kids. The chicken sausage balls were a bit too salty and too hard for them to chew. We liked the broccolini and it’s similar to how we prepare asparagus anyway, so we’ll probably continue serving broccolini. and the potatoes were just OK. not sure if we’ll serve it that way again. but we’ll see.

So, I guess Rachel Ray’s stuffed sausage balls won’t end up on our household’s dinner rotation.

got any quick and easy recipes that are a fav in your household?