Not too long ago, my wife and I enjoyed lunch at our favorite local seafood joint. We don’t go too often since it’s a bit pricey but whenever we do go, we definitely get our fill on some calabash-style seafood. I love getting the scallops, shrimp and flounder combo platter. the lunch combos all come with the restaurant’s special hush puppies that are simply to die for! and those juicy, moist scallops just melt in your mouth. oh, I can’t get enough of them. Well, over the weekend, I got a hankerin’ for something from the sea so I checked for some recipes online to get some ideas for dishes I can prepare at home. While searching, I came across It’s an annual competition that features the best seafood dishes from around the country. Since I just love shrimp dishes, Chef Mark Holley’s Texas Gulf Shrimp recipe caught my eye. With the combination tomato relish and prickly pear gastrique, it seems to have this unique balance of the sweet and salty. the recipe seems a bit complicated but I might just have to give it a try one of these days. the neat thing about the cook off is that we can all participate by voting for our favorite recipe. and simply by casting a vote, you are automatically entered for a chance to win a free trip to New Orleans. mmm, can you just imagine getting authentic seafood jambalaya down in New Orleans? gosh, it’s making my mouth water just typing about all this here on my blog. I think it’s time to heat up my saute pan and get my shrimp on. yum.
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