the cellonow that my oldest is taking orchestra as his elective this year in middle school, we’ve been going around checking various rental programs offered at the local music shops. We didn’t realize the expense involved in renting a student sized cello for a whole year. ugh. The school is providing a cello for him to use at school but the problem is that he’s not allowed to transport a large (and delicate) instrument like the cello on the school bus. So we need one to keep at home for him to practice on. Decent sounding cellos can get very expensive. we’re talking thousands of dollars. and yes, there are very cheap models available on ebay but after speaking to several cellists, it seems that those are not worth the trouble. SO, we’ve been debating whether to purchase or to rent. Since our son is in need of a 3/4 sized cello, we probably don’t want to invest in one since he’ll outgrow the instrument if he continues on in the orchestra at school. and that’s the big “if”. will he stick with the cello after the year is through? ya never know with these kids today.