the middle schooler and his celloWell, I signed all the paperwork and gave the music shop employee my money and so we now have a 3/4 sized cello for our middle schooler to practice on. whew. the local music shop was a mad house!! It was about an hour before closing and the store was full of parents and kids, all wanting to rent band/orchestra instruments. I sorta felt bad for the store employees who all seemed to be around retirement age. I guess all the spots for Walmart greeters were taken. *ba-dum-bum*. thank you, thank you, I’m here all week. try the veal.
We ended up choosing the rent to own program since it didn’t require a large sum of money for a down payment (after my credit was verified) and the fact that upgrades to a larger instrument are allowed as our middle schooler gets older and more advanced. Since we know he won’t be the next “David Beckham” (after witnessing the last few soccer seasons), we’re now hoping he could be the next “Yo Yo Ma”!! ya never know!