In my previous post about our middle schooler taking up the cello, our New York buddy Michael asked about our son’s progress on guitar. Well honestly, the progress has been pretty slow. I’m being careful not to force him to play the instrument. I’d rather he take the initiative in learning the guitar rather than me force-feeding him. I thought for sure seeing guitar legends Neal Schon and Rick Nielsen would jump start his interest in being a guitar hero but he’s still seems rather be playing video games and watching pokemon. so yeah, we’re taking it s-l-o-w.

But we have attempted a couple of simple songs. you know, songs with four chords (at the most). Now that he knows chords A, E, D - he can play R.O.C.K. in the USA by John Mellencamp. OK, there’s an occasional B chord in there which is pretty difficult to finger but most of the song is pretty simple stuff.

Other songs we’re working on are:

Words of Love by The Beatles. OK, it’s actually a Buddy Holly song but the kid doesn’t know who Buddy Holly is. But he knows who the Beatles are. It’s another song that only requires A, E and D chords.

There’s also the Juno song called Anyone Else But You. Now that song is only made up of two chords - G and C. It’s actually pretty boring to play and my son hasn’t shown any interest in that song. Maybe he needs to watch the movie to kinda get the song?