Like a lot of drivers nowadays, I have one of those five-disc CD changers in my car. Since my motorized antenna is malfunctioning, I refrain from listening to the radio on my drive to and from work or risk having a dead battery the next time I try to start my car. Apparently the motorized antenna drains the battery as it grinds away non-stop when the radio is on. But if I listen to JUST my CD player instead of the car radio, the antenna doesn’t get activated so I avoid any problems stemming from it. So anyway, I left my the five-disc cartridge insert at home so I wasn’t able to listen to any tunes today during my drive time. and that’s a big no-no in my book. I use music to drown out all those nagging thoughts that I try hard to avoid dealing with. you know, thoughts about the family finances, bills, deadlines at work, the honey-do list, my oldest son’s upcoming project that’s due this week, the downward spiral that is our economy, the wall street bailout, the dismal job market, my career, the looming layoffs and on and on and on. So, as you can see, it’s better all around to just blissfully listen to music and not think about all of this. Therefore, never again will I forget to bring along the multi-disc cartridge insert when I heading for work!