I was a bit disheartened to learn that my son is having issues with some other kids at his middle school. my son is doing pretty well in his classes which I’m very pleased about but he has been telling me lately that he’s being targeted by other classmates because of his race. As a parent, I want to somehow shield and protect my child from ignorant racists that want to intimidate and belittle kids that don’t look and have the same skin color as they do. WTF??? This is 2008 for pete’s sake! Have we not progressed any as a society? I remember being picked on when I was little because of being asian but that was SO long ago. and now MY kids are going through the same issues after all this time. Yes, I know how the world works but these young kids don’t deserve to be exposed to this type of discrimination. I want my kids to feel good about themselves and be proud of who they are but how can they when they are treated like an outsider all the time? an outcast. Should we ALL feel inferior because we don’t have blue eyes and blond hair??? How can I, as a parent, teach my kids to have self confidence and self respect when they’re reminded on a daily basis that they can’t be a part of the rest of group because of how they look. it’s sad, sad, sad. I don’t want my kids to feel ashamed of being asian. They should feel proud of their heritage. But around here, it’s like being “E.T.” in a world full of Ken and Barbie dolls. you know what’s even worse? It doesn’t end at school. It’s everywhere. I’m reminded constantly that I’m ASIAN and not WHITE where ever I go. It’s like I’m wearing the scarlet letter or something. at work, at the shopping mall, my neighborhood, my so-called friends and even at church (well, OK my former church) - they all won’t let me forget that I’m NOT white.