It never fails. It’s almost like clockwork. Now that we’re through with halloween, the retail stores are all gearing up for Christmas. Man, I’m just trying to get my head around the elections and now you’re telling me I gotta think about Christmas already? I must be getting old because what used to be a holiday that I’d look forward to is now simply a pain in my wallet. Instead of the glory and wonder surrounding the holiday season, all I see are bills, expensive gifts and more bills. yeah, bah humbug to you too. But in the state of the economy we’re in, it’ll be wise to be thrifty and shop more conscientiously this holiday season. I can tell you right now that our Christmas shopping list will be a heck of a lot shorter than years past. And I’ll be sending out more Christmas Photo Cards to family and friends in lieu of gifts and such. Since everyone has been affected by the fragile state of the economy, I’m pretty sure folks totally understand the “it’s the thought that counts” mentality this holiday season. Why spend money on gifts that may wind up in a donation box next year when heartfelt words on a customized Christmas Card can mean so much more. Thankfully the folks over at VistaPrint make it easy to design your own Christmas card on their website which they can then print up on high quality cardstock. I recently took a great photo of the kids which I’ll be using for our greeting card this year. Got a great photo of your own? Check out VistaPrint to get your very own custom photo cards printed up.