save with Mr. BluelightIt’s unfortunate that Kmart often times gets overlooked as a “go-to” retailer during the holiday shopping season because they seem to be offering a lot of great deals lately. I guess consumers have been conditioned over the years to simply head to Walmart or Target when shopping for bargains but savvy shoppers are now realizing that Kmart is fast becoming a top contender when it comes to smart buys. The retailer is currently hard at work trying to spread the word to consumers about their great sales with a series of Mr. Bluelight commercials. You know, seeing Mr. Bluelight reminds me of a time back in the dial-up days when Kmart offered free internet access called “BlueLight”. I actually used their service back then since I was tired of what AOL was charging for dial up service in those days. The service was supported by viewing banner ads from Kmart but it wasn’t that bad considering that AOL was charging $22 for similar access. It just goes to show you that Kmart has always been about saving consumers money. As a matter of fact, they’re the only national discount retailer that offers consumers a layaway option. With the Kmart Layaway program, folks can simply make payments over eight weeks to purchase an item. During this time of economic strain, it’s a smart alternative to use rather than increasing credit card debt. And be sure to check them out for exclusive products ranging from the Christopher Radko┬« handmade glass ornament collection to the highly popular Joe Boxer series of apparel.
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